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Website Development

Responsive web design services are new age internet concepts which have unleashed a new era of web-surfing altogether.Our new upgraded websites ensure a distinctly better surfing experience, and grab complete attention of your target viewer.

Social Media Management

Online social media presence is a must for the business in modern days of Myanmar.Significantly increasing number of internet users on social media like Facebook has shown that the companies looking for a competitive edge in this newly unexplored market in Myanmar, has to start investing well in online social media, where they could sent their messages effectively and efficiently to the targeted audience while responding to enquiries, requests, complaints and feedbacks from your valued customers.

Logo & Graphic Design

Corporate designs convey a unique identity in the mind of your customers.They recognize the products & services values by your corporate symbols, images and items.It also brings brand awareness to the audience about the vision and goals of your organization.Effective Corporate Design must be a blend of your company’s image.

LED Billboard Advertisements

To differentiate from the old ways of traditional billboard advertising, and introduce Digital Billboard and enhance new technologies in Myanmar, we like to establish a reputation as one of the top ten LED advertising service.

We have more desires to assist our partners to achieve their projected market shares in the future and to make our clients to meet success.

Printing & Marketing Materials

Printing process is for reproducing text and images using a master form or template, by Professional Digital Printing that was used in business office around the world since 2005.

The printing quotation will be issued only after confirming corporate design.

Free Corporate Trainings

We have various short courses for everyone to improve at their daily works. All of our courses will be free of charges. There is no special requirement to attend but each class has limited seats. We are currently offering basic IT courses and basic Management courses.

evolx IT & Business Solutions

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The Company

evolx IT is a start-up company established June 8, 2012 by 3 young entrepreneurs from diverse and vibrant backgrounds, dedicated to change the way of doing business in Myanmar and achieve great phenomenal things.


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