Company Profile

evolx IT Co., Ltd.

evolx IT is a start-up company established June 8, 2012 by 3 young entrepreneurs from diverse and vibrant backgrounds, dedicated to change the way of doing business in Myanmar and achieve great phenomenal things. With international learning or working experiences of our management team, we are committed with “the last full measure of devotion” to bring our clients the IT solutions and business ideas that will drastically bring a positive and impactful changes in their businesses.

evolx IT is now already 2 years old and has attained enough experiences and achievements from the process of providing the best service for our clients; so we are encouraged to step ahead with full of energies.

Company Information, Registration and Commencing of Business

evolx IT Co., Ltd. was founded with reference to Ministry of Commerce, Company Register Office, Registration No. 3924 / 2012 – 2013 dated December 20, 2012 and the Commencing of Business was on June 20, 2013.

Company Address

evolx IT Co., Ltd.

Building-D, Room-202, Thitsa Residence

Thitsa Road, South Oakkalapa Township, Yangon

Tel: (+95) 9797934218



Mission and Vision Statement


  • To seek healthy financial returns and sustainable growth to assist individuals, businesses and societies.
  • To deliver the maximized returns of benefits for all businesses and firms.
  • To develop our country’s workforce to competent human resources.


  • We intend to be a globally recognized blue-chip with proficient skills delivering the remarkable contributions to the businesses, firms and the environment.
  • We intend to be a beacon for younger generations.


“We are a blue-ribbon group of young and talented people well equipped with the sense of responsibility and the strong gut to outreach every obstacle in the process of providing the best service for our clients.”

“evolx IT goes extra miles to make our clients’ lives simply better with the assistance of Seven Focuses.”“Delivering top-notch services through energetic crews, steered by 7-Focus, we will keep up with fast-changing and ever-demanding marketplace of Today.” 

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